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Host A Workshop At Your School

Impact Academic workshops have participated in after school programs for both public and private EBR, WBR, Ascension, West Feliciana, and St. Mary Parish students.  Impact workshops are also available to be incorporated in as a one week workshop during the academic school day.  Such programs have become possible through educationally funded grants such as “Everyone Graduates!"

This is an amazing course that we called Impact Academic Solutions because our goal is to inspire, motivate, and transform while  teaching your child to reach their true potential in school but, just as importantly, in life.  We can honestly say that your child will leave the Impact Workshop workshop with all smiles!!! You will be thrilled with the results as well.

Each child participating in Impact Workshops will receive a binder to be used daily throughout the course.  The Impact binder provides all chapters covered throughout the week and can serve as a tool to refer to during the school year and into the future.

On the first day of class, the Academic Coach will have each child go home and create a "study box".  The "study box" is typically made from a Tupperware box where students can keep all of their study tools.  Students will keep this box in their designated home "study area" at all times.  The purpose of the study box is to prevent your child becoming distracted during homework time looking for paper, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. taking away from concentration and valuable time.  We will have a list of required items to include in their study box.   We will also ask that each student bring in a desk calendar for our Daily Time Management lesson.  This will also be something that they keep in their study area at all times.   

Topics to be discussed:  Goal Setting, Body Language/Attitude, Note Taking, Organization, Study Skills/Study Strategies, Daily Time Management, Concentration, Memory, Grades, Test Prep/Taking/Anxiety, Class Participation, Worry and Self Confidence, Notebook Organization, and more!  Review sessions will be offered at the end of each nine weeks or at the request of the parents or school.