Parent Tested....Kid Approved

"The football coach told me that he did not know what I did with Jagger over the summer, but that he is like a totally different kid. I told him it was all you and your Impact class! I see a huge difference in personal hygiene, time management and doing what needs to be done without me having to tell him(example: feeding and waking the dog). So thank you, Shea  for your awesome class.  I will continue to shout your praises to everyone that will listen." -Jennifer S.

"My daughter was not unmotivated to attend the Impact Workshop and not happy with me for making her attend. Her attitude completely changed by Sunday afternoon when I picked her up. She was excited to show me her goals and even thanked me for making her go. We have seen a positive  difference in effort with school work and being more responsible at home.  The parent guide has helped me to encourage her and reinforce the  skills learned in the class. I am thankful for the positive impact you have made and helping my child to believe in herself again.  -Kristy 

"I just want to say thank you!  Your class has already made such a wonderful impact on my daughter. This seems to be just the information she needed at the right time.  We are delighted to see her so excited about goals and increased independence!"      Katherine C.

"Thank you for these informative summaries. I am so happy with all of the wonderful topics your course covers as they are extremely helpful in reinforcing the things that I have been trying to teach my daughter.  She is enjoying your class and I have seen a change in her already.  She especially enjoys the fun way that you are teaching the class.  She had taken a lot of these topics to heart and it is really helping her improve her attitude and accept her mistakes. I just wanted to say thank you for your time and effort in providing our children with these extremely important life skills." -Lauren K.

"Thanks for all of the follow-up messages, checking on my son's progress.  We see such improvement in him since the course.  Last week was so refreshing –he was Mr. Independent and there was a new level of confidence.  I’d like to thank you both for helping our son go to the next level.  We are proud of him; I realize that this is just one step, but it has been a huge blessing.  We will continue to reinforce what you taught… Great course –I’ve already recommended it to friends and co-workers!"    -Shera G.

"As you know, my son was in the LAST month of the ninth grade when he was diagnosed with dyslexia. For years I simply thought he didn't care about his school work when in all actuality, he was probably just frustrated!  Although, we are only several weeks into the tenth grade, I can see a HUGE difference in his study skills!  Tricia, your class this summer was such an eye opener to both him and ME!!!    His organizational skills have improved drastically.  The daily notes you emailed after class were of tremendous value!  (I have made a file for future references, or if he falls into a slump!)  You made mention of things I had not thought about to help my son. I loved the personal attention you gave my son!  Driving to BR each day from St. Francisville was a little tough some days, but VERY MUCH worth the effort!  Thanks again, Tricia! "

-Melinda S.

"I’ve seen several students in my classes that took your class this last summer and they’ve amazed me with their organization and focus! I asked them where they learned how to be so “together” and they told me that they’d taken your class! Sounds Super!!!"     -Keffrin W.  

"My daughter is having a great start to 5th grade. I have seen a huge improvement in her overall confidence and participation in the classroom.  She has a great team of teachers this year, but I know your course is what really has helped her be more assured in school.  Thanks so much!!"

-Allison K.

"The class gave my 14 year old son the confidence and skill to get himself organized. We had been telling him how to do this for years, but coming from Mrs. Broussard, it finally sunk in! The "no excuses" sheet is posted in front of his notebook. I wish we had known about this class sooner! Thanks!"       -Elissa V.

"I have to say ‘Wow!’  As a parent, I couldn’t have made a better wish list for my daughter.   She was so excited about the workshop on the way home last night.  That was very encouraging.  I am noticing independence in homework completion already!!"        -Jane V.

"My!!! This is so exciting! My son went to work as soon as he had the poster board in his possession. He worked diligently, without getting up and being told to get back to work. It was wonderful and amazing! We praised him which came so very easily.  He met his week 2 goal to study well for test(s). He made a 69/72 96 A on his science test!  And I quote him:) it is such good news and a great way to start the 9 weeks!  We are so glad he took the course!  Thank you!"         

-Elizabeth C.